More than 35 years experience in Mining Engineering with specialization in Underground Mining and Mineral Economics

Located in Viña del Mar, Chile

Helping clients in French, English, and Spanish-speaking nations on three continents

Mining Engineering Services

  • Design and planning of operations:  focus on the cut-off grades, production rates, mining methods, and infrastructures
  • Scoping and strategy:  Assessment of the economic potential of a deposit, of the risks and their cost, and of the work to do to minimize them
  • Valuation:  Estimation of the value of a deposit according to international valuation standards
  • Audit & Due diligence:  review of the technical aspects of an operation to help investors decide to finance it.  Identification of risks, their impact, and work to mitigate them

Representation in Chile

  • Vendor of third-party services and products
  • Market analysis
  • Identification of potential distributors
  • Legal assistance
  • Translation and accompaniment

Education & Training

  • Continuing education courses
  • Introductory courses to government officials, financial analysts, lawyers, accountants, human resources
  • Advanced courses for engineers and geologists