I will be presenting the Mining 101 webinar on Sept. 30 & Oct. 01. Six hours to help you understand the fundamental aspects of geology, exploration, open pit and underground mining, and mineral processing. It is hosted by the Canadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy. I invite you to click on this link for more information and to register.


More than 35 years experience in Mining Engineering with specialization in Underground Mining and Mineral Economics. Focused on orebody assessment from exploration to operations.

Located in Viña del Mar, Chile

Helping clients in French, English, and Spanish-speaking nations on three continents

Mining Engineering Services

  • Design and planning of operations:  focus on the cut-off grades, production rates, mining methods, and infrastructures
  • Scoping and strategy:  Assessment of the economic potential of a deposit, of the risks and their cost, and of the work to do to minimize them
  • Valuation:  Estimation of the value of a deposit according to international valuation standards
  • Audit & Due diligence:  review of the technical aspects of an operation to help investors decide to finance it.  Identification of risks, their impact, and work to mitigate them

Representation in Chile

  • Vendor of third-party services and products
  • Market analysis
  • Identification of potential distributors
  • Legal assistance
  • Translation and accompaniment

Education & Training

  • Continuing education courses
  • Introductory courses to government officials, financial analysts, lawyers, accountants, human resources
  • Advanced courses for engineers and geologists