Booklet review

I buy cheap 200-page spiral bound booklets for work. Between the monthly, weekly, and daily planning and review, I also take all project related notes in there. A booklet is good for 4 months. When I start a new booklet, I do a review of the previous one. I write down:
• Summary of activities: clients, jobs, results, upcoming work
• Summary of revenues
• Lessons learned: the most important ones. It reminds me of Ray Dalio’s Principles. They become my principles.
• Biggest wins
• Best quotes: the best this time is “in dog beers, I only had one”. Yes, I know, it’s corny.
• Great conversations I had, with whom, what about
• Progress on my 3-months projects
• And finally wrap up with business opportunities. Too many things can fall through the cracks.
Really worth the time.


Author: George McIsaac P.Eng. PhD

Strategic Adviser to Underground Mine Operators

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