Boyd Davis graduated from Queen’s University with and undergraduate degree in Engineering Chemistry and an MSc and PhD in Metallurgical Engineering in 1994.  He has worked since then as a consultant in the area of computational thermochemistry and process development and is co-founder and principal of Kingston Process Metallurgy Inc. (KPM) (  The company, with about 20 employees, focuses on lab and pilot scale chemical process development for the metallurgical industry.  The company has a 12,000 sq ft laboratory and 10,000 square feet pilot plant in Kingston, Ontario.

KPM focuses on integrated process development – that is, techno-economics used to guide process development and Boyd has presented a number of talks on this concept.  The company works with large producers, junior miners, and start-ups, to develop scoping studies and helps companies with process optimization.  It also works on its own new processes, including graphite purification for batteries, and CO2-free aluminum production.

He has authored over 40 technical papers and has 8 patents and active patent applications.  He is active with academia, with many collaborative projects with universities in addition to his own volunteer adjunct position at Queen’s, where he has supervised over two dozen graduate and undergraduate student thesis projects.  Boyd is active the Metallurgical Society of CIM and was president in 2014.