Valuation of similar deposits

When looking at the grade-tonnage curves for a given type of orebody, can we infer its worth from that of similar deposits? Not necessarily. The orebodies might occur at different depths, have different shapes, continuity, mineralogy, and ground conditions, and the location might be different. All these factors have an influence on the choice of… Read More

Booklet review

I buy cheap 200-page spiral bound booklets for work. Between the monthly, weekly, and daily planning and review, I also take all project related notes in there. A booklet is good for 4 months. When I start a new booklet, I do a review of the previous one. I write down: • Summary of activities:… Read More

Comparing revenues generated from copper sulphide ore – Flotation vs. Leaching

There is more and more news appearing on the internet about advances toward copper sulphide leaching, as this technique is deemed to be the next breakthrough for copper mining.  Related patents and technical papers propose many approaches to solve the problem, none of them currently capable of solving all operational constraints. Given the variety of… Read More